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Q: What is Avior’s AlcTax Compliance?

AlcTax Compliance is Avior’s cloud-based, automated tax platform that manages alcohol excise taxes. It is meant to simplify the preparation of alcohol tax returns for tax administrators.

Q: What can I do with AlcTax Compliance?

With AlcTax Compliance, you can quickly prepare you alcohol tax returns for all major U.S. jurisdictions while only paying for the ones that you really use. Our platform lowers IT costs by removing the need for IT development, maintenance, and support for tax processing. Users can prepare and submit their monthly alcohol excise taxes on our platform located safely in the cloud.

Q:Who can use AlcTax Compliance?

AlcTax Compliance can handle the processing of tax returns for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and importers of alcohol.

Q: Is there software to install?

You don’t need to install anything. The entire process is carried out on AlcTax Compliance’s secure, cloud-based servers.

Q: Does AlcTax work with my invoicing system?

AlcTax Compliance is compatible with practically all back-office invoicing systems, ERPs, e-commerce platforms, and financial systems.

Q: Do we need to provide data in specific format?

No, AlcTax Compliance’s platform can access many back-end system files at the same time as it gathers information for ERPs in different ways. It then organizes and compares the information it gathered.

Q: Does AlcTax Compliance’s platform validate inventory data using UPCs?

No, manufacturers reuse alcohol UPCs, therefore there isn’t a static table of universal UPCs to use for validation.

Q: How does data exchange work on AlcTax Compliance's platform?

AlcTax uses two, user-managed, secure SFTP folders called pickup and dropoff. Users upload their data files to the /dropoff folder and download their output tax returns from the /pickup folder.

Q: How can I get started with AlcTax Compliance?

To sign up for AlcTax Compliance, please contact us.


Q: Will I be alerted when failure occurs?

Yes, AlcTax Compliance will inform you of any errors that need to be addressed as well as the specific error as they happen.

Q: What if some of my data comes from outside my invoicing system?

It’s ok; AlcTax’s platform will take manually created Excel files as well as data from a variety of back-office systems.

Q: Do we have to change/clean data before uploading it to AlcTax Compliance?

No, AlcTax performs best with the greatest amount of unprocessed data. Based on the configuration of the profile, AlcTax Compliance will curate, validate, and automatically rectify the raw data.


Q: How will I be charged and billed for my use of AlcTax Compliance?

The cost of AlcTax is an annual subscription fee that is determined by the amount of alcohol tax returns that you submit. For more information on pricing, contact us.