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Beverage Alcohol Tax News

Beverage Alcohol Tax News July 2022

State Beverage Alcohol Tax Update July 2022


Delaware: Permission To Transfer an Alcohol License to a New Location — May 6, 2022

Effective April 2022, The Delaware General Assembly passed an act to grant a new license for the sale of alcoholic liquor to an eligible Delaware licensee who wants to shift to a new location under the following circumstances:

  • Due to destruction of the building, diversion of highway traffic pattern, loss of lease, or reasons beyond the control of the licensee.

The new location must be:

  • Within 500 feet of existing location of the licensee within a town or city;
  • Within 1/2 mile of the existing location, accessible by public road in an unincorporated or rural area.

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Kansas: Additional Temporary Permits Granted — May 10, 2022

Effective April 2022, Kansas legislature passed a law allowing the issuance of temporary permits for the sale of liquor during state fair events on state fair grounds, provided the board has authorized such sale and consumption of alcoholic liquor.

An applicant can be granted up to 12 temporary permits per calendar year which were formerly restricted to 4. These applications for temporary permits need to be filed with the director at least 14 days prior to the event. Each application must be submitted electronically with a permit non refundable fee of $25 per day, along with additional charges if applicable, of up to $25 per day charged by cities, or counties.

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Maryland: Commercial Bingo License Granted — May 10, 2022

A commercial bingo license can be issued in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, to the owner of the licensed commercial bingo establishment. This license charges $2,500 and authorizes at the commercial bingo establishment the sale of wine, liquor and beer for on-premises consumption.

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Kansas: Domestic Wine Allowable Alcohol By Volume Amendments — May 10, 2022

Effective January 1, 2023, the definition of certain domestic wines are amended to increase the allowable alcohol by volume level.

The domestic fortified wine is now allowed to contain more than 16% alcohol compared to 14% previously, but not more than 20% alcohol by volume that is manufactured in Kansas.

The domestic table wine is now allowed to contain up to 16% alcohol compared to 14% alcohol previously by volume that is manufactured in the state.

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Maine: Outdoor Stadiums and Pools Allowed To Sell Spirits — May 11, 2022

The state of Maine approved a bill to issue a license for the sale of malt liquor, spirits and wine for on-premises consumption to outdoor stadiums and pool halls.

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Mississippi: Food Trucks Permit Granted — May 11, 2022

Effective July 1, 2022, food trucks permits are created that authorizes on-premises retailer's permittee to use a food truck for selling alcoholic beverages to guests off its premises who consume alcohol in open containers. Food trucks must sell alcoholic beverages with the food they prepare within their food trucks and must maintain 25% of their revenue from the sale of food. The privilege tax for a food truck permit is $100.

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Oklahoma: Various Changes Effective For 2022 — May 31, 2022

Oklahoma passed a bill lowering the minimum age of employees of a licensed beer distributor or spirits and wine wholesaler to be at least 18 years old, and these employees between 18 to 20 years age should be accompanied by a coworker, at least 21 years old. These employees should work only on delivering products or merchandizing to licensees in the normal business hours.

A mixed beverage, special event, public event or on-premises wine and beer licensees may allow an employee of a wine and spirits wholesaler or beer distributor, to enter the licensed premises provided the employee is at least 18 years old and works for merchandising and delivering products to the licensee in the normal business hours.

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For working in an Oklahoma foundation where alcohol is sold, mixed or served, an employee license should be obtained and the employee should be at least 18 years of age other than those employed in grocery or convenience stores where the required age is minimum 16 years.

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Nebraska: Various Changes Effective For 2022 — May 12, 2022

Effective July 21, 2022, under the Nebraska Control Liquor Act, the delivery of any license to a licensee by the liquor control commission can be done using electronic delivery or mail. The commission may also provide warning signs to the licensee electronically.

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Effective July 21, 2022, craft breweries are allowed to directly sell for resale as much as 250 barrels of beer per calendar year produced at its licensed premises directly to authorized retailers located in Nebraska. The owner of the craft brewery license can store the products developed on the licensee's premises in a secure, designated off-site storage location if the holder of the craft brewery informs the commission about the location of the storage facility and also maintains a separate perpetual inventory of the products stored at the offsite storage facility.

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Effective July 21, 2022, a microdistillery licensee is allowed to produce up to a total of 100,000 gallons of liquor per calendar year from all of its physical locations constituting the licensed premises. The licensed premises may consist up to 5 different physical locations.

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Virginia: Provisions for Mixed Beverage License Increased For Casino Premises — May 12, 2022

The Virginia Beverage Control Authority can grant a mixed beverages license to a restaurant located on premises of a mixed beverage casino licensee owned by a licensed operator. This allows the sale of alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption on the licensed premises of the restaurant during the working hours of the mixed beverage casino licensee.

The mixed beverage restaurant licensee established on the premises of casino gaming establishment and owned by the operator and holds valid mixed beverage restaurant license granted prior to July 1, 2022, can function with the privileges of a mixed beverage casino license until July 1, 2023 or until the casino is granted a mixed beverage casino license, whichever comes first.

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